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Is Pet Insurance Worth It In The Twenty-First Century?

Generally, pet insurance is worth it in the twenty-first century if the annual premium is lower than the cost of veterinary care that would be incurred in the event of an illness or injury.  For example, a policy that reimburses 90% of veterinary costs after a $200 deductible would generally be considered worth it, since most veterinary bills are greater than $200. However, some policies have much higher premiums and reimbursement rates, while others have low premiums and high deductibles. So it's important to read the fine print and compare policies before buying one. Some people feel that pet insurance is worth it because it provides peace of mind in case of a significant illness or accident. Others feel that pet insurance is not worth it because the premiums can be expensive and there may be significant exclusions in the policies. The best way to decide whether or not pet insurance is right for you is to weigh the pros and cons carefully and ask lots of questions before purchasi